ALS Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that advances groundbreaking research and brings guidance, compassion and hope to the global ALS/MND community.

We provide free personalized support to ALS/MND patients and their loved ones in more than 85 countries via videoconference, email, phone and in-person visits.

Get help now. Please contact Sarah Byer, Director of Outreach and Counseling at [email protected] or 1-608-630-0407.

ALS Worldwide accelerates scientific breakthroughs by fostering collaboration and innovation among leaders from all sectors of medical research. Funded solely through the generosity of our supporters, ALS Worldwide has a proven record of using resources in the most cost-effective ways possible.


In 2008, Stephen and Barbara Byer founded ALS Worldwide to honor the memory of their son Ben, who died that year from ALS/MND at the age of 37. In 2013, Stephen and Barbara's daughter, Sarah Byer, and her husband Barry Wein, whose grandfather also died from ALS/MND, joined the nonprofit organization to contribute their extensive professional expertise and personal experience. Today, each member of the nonprofit organization draws upon his or her firsthand knowledge of the disease to fulfill ALS Worldwide's unique mission.

At ALS Worldwide, we see the roadblocks on the path to finding a cure for ALS/MND, but look past them. We have pursued many promising treatments that ultimately failed, but history has shown us that being positive and persistent will ultimately make finding the cure for ALS/MND inevitable. That's why ALS Worldwide is committed to funding, facilitating and sharing the most promising ALS/MND research. We will not quit until ALS/MND is a thing of the past. Until then, ALS Worldwide is on a mission to spread hope and share this simple message--each of us has what it takes to be part of the solution--galvanizing progress toward a cure.

Scientists require collaborators with diverse research expertise, skills, and specializations to advance their discoveries. Yet, too often researchers work in isolation or in competition with one another without producing results. For this reason, ALS Worldwide regularly brings together top experts from all sectors of medical research to increase dialogue, encourage partnerships and accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation. We are passionate in our commitment to people affected by ALS/MND and actively seek out the best and the brightest--those known for their scientific excellence, collaborative approach, patient-centric focus and sense of urgency.



ALS WORLDWIDE does not offer or purport to offer medical advice to patients or their families.

Recommendations and suggestions are intended to minimize symptoms, improve the quality of life and should be discussed with family, caregivers, neurologists, other physicians and support groups.