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ALS Worldwide
November 29, 2017

Sade’s Strength and Optimism

Sade Milton has an incredible spirit and energy. We had the pleasure of spending a full afternoon together in Cambridge, England just two weeks ago. Meeting Sade in-person, visiting with her beautiful daughters and getting to know her husband John was one of the great highlights of our trip. Her story is filled with honesty and optimism.

“In July 2016, I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS). My symptoms started in November 2015 when I lost my voice. By December, my voice sounded slurred. In addition to my speech impediment, I have chewing and swallowing issues. My hands and arms are also now affected. Before developing MND/ALS, I was a physically active person with a challenging full time job in IT.

Before I got in touch with ALS Worldwide, it was very difficult to get through the day. I had no energy and felt very weak. My speech was heavily affected. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I had a lovely singing voice. My hands were very weak. I had heard a lot of positive things about the organization and was even more impressed when I went on to their website. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a quick response, after which I arranged a Skype call the following week.

I was so impressed with how ALS Worldwide helps patients. While I know there is presently no cure, I felt great hope during our communication. We agreed that I could benefit from taking edaravone, Methylcobalamin (B12) injections and Nuedexta. Other options were offered as well. I was thrilled by how quickly they arranged for the pharmacy to ship to the UK. Since I’ve been taking B12 injections and Nuedexta, I feel stronger, I can do more, I no longer laugh inappropriately, and my speech is improved. I am so grateful to Barbara, Steve and ALS Worldwide for making this possible. Now, my ALS is far more bearable."