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October 24, 2017

Love and Work – Christian Conrad’s Blog offers insight and truth

Christian Conrad With Son

Love and Work – Christian Conrad’s Blog offers insight and truth 

"So Much to (Un)Learn."

"My 3 youngest children are in the same elementary school and it's so much fun to see how effortlessly they learn and how naturally they are curious about everything. I love teaching them what I know, questioning what I thought I knew. Learning to teach, being taught by them as children in a lot of areas have a clearer intuitive wisdom than grown-ups.

Call it emotional learning. Take care in that respect to not let school or convention or society or norm or same-old-same-old interfere with your real education too much. Teachers are everywhere.

ALS is my Zen Master. Must Remain Teachable. Why?

One if the greatest insights (as banal as it may sound) in life to me is and always has been that learning never has to stop. So much to learn. Back in the days when my father went to school, if you were left-handed you were forced to learn handwriting with your right hand. From today's perspective this feels cruel and unreasonable, but in the case of my father, he learned to write with both his hands, something I admired since I was a child.

For me, my ALS is a constant unlearning and relearning process. People have asked me why I don't write as many blog posts anymore. The answer is easy: I am too busy.

Too busy learning to become a left-hander.
Too busy learning to type with my left thumb.
Too busy learning to dictate mails.
Too busy learning how to communicate best with my insurance to provide me with an eye-gaze system for the time I will learn to be a no-hander.
Too busy getting a replacement for my electric wheelchair which broke for no apparent reason (perhaps wheelchair-ALS?)
Too busy learning about living the life.

I can barely walk with a walker anymore.
My right arm and hand are on their farewell tour.
It's harder to pronounce words with tees and dees like “fittingly” and "identity"
When I take off the breathing mask in the morning my breathing feels weak and shallow for the next two hours
I have lost my handwriting
I eat like a pig (now, wasn't that always the case?)

More facts:
My wife and I went to San Sebastián Film Festival for 2 days.
I am helping a friend with a project, using NO hands but with the support of a friend (thanks so much Silke!!!) as my hands.
I went to cheer my sons on for the school's sponsor run.
I am teaching my kids how to make papa's magic chili sauce.
I am in contact with more friends than I have ever been.
I am helping fellow addicts on their journey of recovery from drugs.
I am studying new chess openings.
I am reading about the philosophy of mind.
I am learning everything I can about ALS to be my own best advocate.
I am learning about true love.

About Learning, Un-learning, Re-learning. Back to school? Hell no! You never leave school!"

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