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July 27, 2017

“IT’S NOT YET DARK”, a brilliant and profound ALS story

The touching and inspirational memoir, and now movie, by author, filmmaker and ALS patient, Simon Fitzmaurice of Galway, Ireland.

In 2008, at the age of 33, Fitzmaurice was a promising filmmaker and a father of two young boys, with a third on the way. So when his foot went numb and an ALS diagnosis swiftly upended his world, he made the bold decision to go against medical advice and rely on a ventilator to survive.

Despite his compromised abilities, he continues to write and direct movies and even conceived twins with his wife Ruth—"the ultimate expression of being alive", he says.

Ruth Fitzmaurice states, "the reason that he started the book was, he was in hospital and he was quite sick and I said to him, would he consider writing a letter to each of the children in case this was the end of the road, in case he had to say goodbye and he just couldn’t do it. So the book became, rather than have an individual letter, the book became a reflection of the past and how he feels about the children, and he put it all in there.”

"It's Not Yet Dark" is a heartbreaking yet hopeful story of a man forced to consider what really constitutes a life.

The extraordinary book was written completely with the assistance of eye-gaze technology by a filmmaker, father, and husband, struck down in the prime of his life by ALS. Though Fitzmaurice was told that it wouldn't be much of a life, he knew that it wasn't his time to die. He explores what it means to truly "live" and how the term "to live" is a truly subjective statement.

Read more information on "It's Not Yet Dark" website page here.