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ALS Worldwide
November 01, 2017

Our Guardian Angel

My beautiful and selfless mother was diagnosed in 2011 with ALS. She was a mother of five and was truly the kindest person I knew. If you were invited over to our house, my mom would serve you a plate of food without asking. She enjoyed cooking meals and learning new recipes. As an adolescent I was a handful. Which in turn required extra attention from my mother. In early 2012 my mother's condition progressed. I was in the perfect position to stop what I was doing and repay her for all the times she was by my side. It was a gift that I, who caused her the greatest headaches, was able to give her the care she now needed. What was to come through being her caregiver was the greatest experience of my life. My mother and I were always close, yet spending so much time together, we grew to be best friends. With her battle, she showed me how the higher powers test the strongest of people. My mother's love for cooking turned into a weekly cooking sessions with her.

When she could no longer move easily, she would delegate to me her intricate steps for her secret recipes. These secret recipes we eventually turned into a recipe book which I hold dear. I also recall watching the food network show called Chopped. We would critique and guess who the winners were. As the day progressed we would find ourselves on YouTube watching fail compilation videos of babies laughing. My mother also never stopped worrying about her children. She always made sure the older siblings took care of the younger ones. I specifically remember being sick with a cold. She told me to lay down next to her. I told her I couldn't because I might get her sick. She insisted. I obliged and fell asleep. She was so content and happy. When I woke up, I somehow felt better.

Her motherly nature was always present, even on her last day. My mother's battle truly brought light and not darkness into our lives. She taught me the simple things in life are what we should enjoy, something I had forgotten. Family, laughter, happiness, sadness and memories are what my mom taught me to be invaluable through her battle. Our family of five has three college graduates and two soon to be. I know she couldn't be any prouder of my siblings. My family and I live our lives everyday in a way that would make my mother proud.