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ALS Worldwide
April 13, 2017

Religious Faith May or May Not Be Your Foundation for Coping With ALS

If religion is your means for fighting ALS, you have a common link to so many worldwide who find strength in spiritual belief. Perhaps art is a means of coping, perhaps music, and/or the support of your family? Whatever ways in which you cope, we support and respect your efforts to find common links to fight this terrible disease.

Our communication to the ALS/MND community (transmitted in more than 120 countries and frequently over 250,000 readers daily) is first and foremost about this horrific disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Motor Neuron Disease. Running a close second is how to cope with ALS using all of the means available.

"The means of coping” are not simply medications, nutritional supplements, herbal compounds, diet, physical therapy, surgeries, and medical devices. Just maybe, the most important method for coping, living, surviving, and loving life even with ALS/MND is about your spiritual support and beliefs, a common link for people worldwide.

Therefore, why should a turn to religion and faith be “off the radar?” How many times do people say “Thank God” or a variation thereof? Another common phrase (in the US) is “Whatever floats your boat.”

Whether your “boat" is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Mormon, Hinduism, Buddhism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Bahai, or any other, we welcome you to our Facebook page and website. We welcome you to invoke any religion or faith in support of those with ALS/MND. “Thank God" in any language or variation always has a place, if it helps you and those you care about.