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ALS Worldwide
May 03, 2017

ALS Worldwide Offers Personalized Support

Andrew Gage was diagnosed with ALS during fall 2016. Since that time, ALS Worldwide communicates with the Gage family through Skype sessions, phone, and email. We were especially pleased to hear that Cathy and Andrew Gage had benefitted from this.

“Andrew and I want to thank ALS Worldwide for an amazing experience! We did not expect to get so much helpful information. I am a mother of three teenagers, taking care of Andrew as well as maintaining a full time job, and I have felt so overwhelmed since his diagnosis in November 2016. Speaking with the ALS Worldwide Co-Executive Directors has really touched me in a great way. You have given us hope!”

Cathy Gage,
New Jersey, USA

ALS Worldwide holds personalized Skype and/or FaceTime sessions with those fighting ALS and their loved ones like Cathy and Andrew. We address specific questions from families, different symptom management options, developments in treatment, best options for treatment, and many other ALS-related subjects. If you are looking for someone to talk to, we are here to listen and advise.

We ask those with ALS and loved ones to complete an online profile so that we have information to provide appropriate advice. After sending the online profile, you will receive an email with a link to a calendar to schedule a Skype/FaceTime call with ALS Worldwide. We will then speak with you and other family members who wish to be on the call. Click here to be directed to our online profile.